Check the settings for the Local and Global Templates:

1. From Print Manager, open the report and check to see which template is being used by looking at the title bar and noting the .tpl file name in the ( ).
2. Select Edit, Templates and scroll to the .tpl file.
3. Select the Local radio button, and click Edit.
4. Note the settings for this template.
5. Click OK and change the radio button to Global for the same .tpl file.
6. Click Edit and note these settings.
7. If the global settings differ from the local settings, change the local template to match the global template.
8. If the settings are the same, we change the default templates from local to global.

To change the templates from local to global:
1. In Print Manager, select Help, Setup Wizard.
2. Click Next through the screens until you get to the option to 'Choose Global or Local Directory'.
3. Change the radio button from Local templates/forms to Global templates/forms.
4. Click Next, then Finish.