A new budget cycle must be created for each period. 

1. Create a new budget cycle.
2. Select Historical Date Range if applicable.
3. For Select Budget Date Range, select the period end date for the first period you will be budgeting. Place this date in both the To and From fields. 
4. Select Yes to create an additional workbook.
5. Under Worksheet Columns, select Actual as the Projected Amt and enter the date from the first period of the previous year in both the To and From fields.
6. Enter other information if applicable
7. Click Next, then Finish.
8. Go to Worksheet 1 and Add the desired accounts.
9. Add a Revision Column.
10. Export the Worksheet to Excel.
11. Copy an paste the Projection column (which is pulled from your Actuals) into the Revision column. Save the File.
12. Go back into Fundware, highlight Worksheet 1 and click Import to import the edited Worksheet.
13. Save the Worksheets, Post to FBA, and distribute 100%.