To clone a user:
  1. Click Management in the menu bar.
  2. Click My User located in the admin tile.
  3. Click the blue link that says Account Settings in the header.
  4. Click the button "Clone this User" on the side of the page.
  5. Type in eTapestry Support in for the Name and the Sort Name. (Or enter eTapestry for the first name and Support for the last name.)
  6. Type in the Login Id as your "login"_support (so if your login is sawyer, it would be sawyer_support).
  7. Type eTaphelp1 in the Password field. (Note: Enter the password as shown to meet password requirements.)
  8. Set the Login Enabled Until field as one week from today.
  9. Click the Save And button on the side.
Note: If the user already exists, and "enabling the user" has been requested, please refer to How to enable a clone user