The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint FK_INSTALLMENTSPLITPAYMENT_ INSTALLMENTSPLITID". the conflict occurred in database "[DATABASE]" , table "dbo.INSTALLMENTSPLITPAYMENT", column "INSTALLMENTSPLITID"."

Error occurs when attempting to change split information on a planned gift transaction when there is already a payment applied to the planned gift.
When a planned gift is added as revenue, any designation splits written on the payment transaction are from the planned gift. 

The following can be used to completely adjust the planned gift:

1. From Revenue, perform a transaction search for the planned gift
2. Notice the designations and amounts from the Payment activity tab, click Go to payment
3. Click Delete payment from the left navigation bar to remove the payment
4. Go back to the planned gift transaction
5. Click Edit planned gift revenue
6. Click Split next to Designation
7. Make the desired designation adjustments and save
8. Re-add the payment which now includes the designation adjustments


 2.5.465, patch 25

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