Transactions are flagged as Suspect when they meet certain criteria that makes them stand out as possibly fraudulent. It is EXTREMELY important to regularly and frequently monitor Suspect Transactions. If a Suspect Transaction does end up being fraudulent, the donor can issue a Chargeback. This will result in a $15 fee. It is important to refund a Suspect Transaction, if necessary, before the donor reports fraud and the organization is subject to Chargeback fees.

Criteria for flagging transactions as suspect are as follows:
  • Velocity check for multiple identical transactions (same amount) from the same credit card and/or IP address within a short period of time (for Card Not Present transactions only)
  • Questionable IP addresses which fraudulent activity has been reported from previously
  • High-risk country check 
  • Transaction amount exceeds $10,000

These criteria are subject to change without notice. Therefore, we strongly recommend that Suspect Transactions be regularly and frequently monitored. Signing up for email notifications in BBMS for Suspect Transactions can assist with this.
For further information, please refer to How to accept or refund a suspect transaction