1.  From within Fundware, select Budget Preparation, and click Open.
2.  Select the secondary worksheet that the last revision was submitted from.
3.  Select any cell in the worksheet.
4.  Right-click, select Add, and select Account(s).  The Account Selector dialog box displays.
5.  Select the ID type from the drop-down menu.
6.  Mark the checkbox for the appropriate status.
7.  Enter an Account Mask, Description, or  Aliases (1 and 2) in the text boxes, or select the Last Updated checkbox and enter a date in the date text box.  
     Mark the All checkbox for Attributes and select which available attributes to include or exclude.
8.  Click Search.  The accounts found display in the data window below.
9.  Select the account (or accounts) that you wish to add to highlight.  Click OK
10. The Account Locator dialog box displays.  Click OK.
11. The account is added to the worksheet. 
12. Click in the revision column cell for the added account and type in the budget amount.  Click Save.
13. Open the Final Budget Area and highlight the new account to distribute and post back to General ledger.

Note: An Account can only be added and displayed on one worksheet.