After adding or updating a spouse or other relationship on a student or individual's record in Education Edge, you must first find or create a matching record in the Integration Linking grid before the changes will be picked up in the other database.

1. Go to Integration, Link records with the Raiser's Edge, and find the new spouse or relationship.
2. Search for a matching record. If one does not exist, click Add Record on the gray tool bar.
3. Run synchronization to update and add the new relationship to the Raiser's Edge database.

Note: In step 2 above, you are searching for an existing Raiser's Edge record. Frequently, a record may not already exist, so the Add record tool should be helpful. This tool automatically creates an Raiser's Edge record and matches and links it to the selected Education Edge record. The Raiser's Edge record type is determined by the C or NC (constituent or non-constituent) code in the Add As column in the linking grid. This field is determined by the settings chosen for Student Relationships when you open Set up Integration with the Raiser's Edge, where you can select to add spouses of student relations as constituents or non-constituents.