In order to show vacation accrued or sick time accrued on the employee's pay stub follow the steps below:

1. Select Setup, Historical Data Items.
2. In the DOS screen select S for Scroll.
3. When you see Data Item .... ______, press Enter.
4. Scroll the page(s) until you see the desired Historical Data Item.
5. When you identify the item that tracks the accrued time, select Esc and then C for Change.
6. Enter the name of the desired Data Item and press Enter.
7. Enter field 3 for field to be changed and press Enter.
8. Press Enter until you are on the line for Print on stub.
9. Change the entry from 'N' to 'Y' - Print on Stub.
10. Enter through the remaining lines and press 0 to accept the changes. Press Enter.
11. Click Esc and then E for End.