1.  All users must be logged out of the FundWare Accounts Payable module.  Also ensure you have a backup of your data.  You can create an internal backup in Division Maintenance.

2.  In the menu bar, select File, Open Fundware, Select Division 00 System Administration, Allow the business date to default to today's date, and Click OK.  The System Administration (00) Window will display.

3.  In the menu bar, select, System Administration, System Utilities.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
     Program Name                 OTS208
     Switches          20
     Parameters          <leave blank>
     Business Date          Use today's date
     Division                      Select the appropriate division.
     Click Run.

4.  Select A to A)dd a new stage.

5.  Additional details on stage setup can be found in the FundWare Accounts Payable Guide found in the \FundWare\Data\User Documentation folder on your server, or in the Online Help.

6.  This step depends on what stage you add:

     a.  If the stage that is added had a higher number than the number for the invoice stage, you will need to change the ready to pay stage to the new stage in field 3 of Extended Setup.

          (i.e. invoice stage is 30 and new stage is 35, the ready to pay stage will need to be 35).  This step is done in Accounts Payable > Setup > Extended Setup.

     b.  If the stage is a PO/Encumbrance or Commitment stage, go to Accounts Payable, PO Setup, PO Extended Setup

7.  Close System Administration by selecting File, Exit in the menu bar.

8.  Close FundWare and reopen Accounts Payable.  All of the new stages should now be present.