Please remember that Query is how to find a group of people, it is not intended to be used to export data and may show duplicates.  To get a list of current members we need to first create a query to find them, then use that query in an export.

First find current members in the Raiser's Edge using the Query Module:
  1. Create a Membership query
  2. Under Criteria select Membership > Current > Category equals (The membership category you are searching for)
  3. AND select Membership > Other Members/Card Holders > Membership Joint Member? equals Yes
  4. Under Output
  5. Save your query.
Next export the list of current members from Raiser's Edge using the Export Module: 
  1. Create a new Membership export
  2. Click Include, Selected Records and click Find Now
  3. Browse and select the Constituent Query you created above.
Sort the exported file using the Primary? column; members that are not Primary can then be deleted