Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the constituent has an address on his constituent record. If not, add one.  
  2. Review the final step of the Ind Address tab and Org Address tab. (Find the tabs in a Report or Mail function or look for the Address Processing faddresields in an Export. If it says Print with no address and only some addresses are blank, then review the records of the blank ones (remove Valid Date To, ensure Send Mail is marked, etc.). Or select Print specific address and then Preferred address (or another type) underneath. (Note: This will put the specified address regardless of address settings such as dates, Send mail checkbox, etc.)
  3. Remove the value entered in the 'Valid To' date field on the addresses for the constituents being included in the mailing.

    Note: If mailing to contacts or marking Relationships, Honor/Memorials, or Participants when running labels or envelopes, ensure the address exists on the appropriate relationship, honor/memorial, or participant record rather than the constituent record

  4. Remove any extra blank lines from the address lines field. 
  5. Mark the Send Mail to this Address checkbox
    • If it is the preferred address, click the More button. 
    • If it is not the preferred address, select the Addresses tab and double-click the appropriate address. 
    • If mailing to a contact, ensure the contact is marked to receive mail
    • If it is for a membership card:
      1. Open the constituent record. 
      2. On the Membership tab, double-click the appropriate membership. 
      3. Click Members and Cards and double-click the appropriate membership. 
      4. Under Address to Print, select an option other than None. 
      5. Click OK. 
      6. Click Save and Close.

      7. Override Send mail to this address not being marked by selecting Print specific address in Step 4 of the Ind. Address tab or by selecting Print specific organization address in Step 3 of the Org. Address tab
  6. Ensure the address meets the report, mail, or export parameters selected on the Ind. Address or Org. Address tabs, including the address' valid dates and address type. 
  7. If the address has a Valid To and Valid From date, ensure that it includes today's date. 
  8. Verify the head of household processing on the General 1 tab. Spouse records may both have a record and one is marked as head of household with an invalid address. 
  9. Add a country with an address block defined to the addresses or properly set up the International Address Block for the country defined in Configuration. 
  10. If exporting, choose address lines from All Addresses instead of Address Processing in the fields to export. 
  11. If only organizations' addresses are missing, in the parameters on the Org. Address tab:
    1. On the Org. Address tab, mark the Mail only to the organization option 
    2. In Step 4 of the Org Address tab, select the appropriate address
  12. Export Address, Individual Address Lines, City, State, and Zip Code from Quick Letters and use the Mail Merge feature in Word to create Envelopes or Labels. Word can eliminate the blank lines from the merge, providing a temporary solution.
  13. Create the report, mailing, or export from scratch rather than using the current parameters. For example, if printing labels, click New Labels and set up the parameters.

    For information on address processing, refer to How does address processing work in The Raiser's Edge (BB518).