Follow these steps to print a report that prints a separate page for each project and shows vendors and amounts:

  1. From the Accounts Payable Reports page, click Invoice Reports
  2. Select Project Distribution Report and click New
  3. On the General tab, select Detail from the Report format drop-down list
  4. Enter the appropriate transaction dates
  5. Select the Filters tab and enter any appropriate filters
  6. Select the Format tab
  7. Select the Detail option
  8. Mark the Show distribution for these characteristics checkbox
  9. Mark the appropriate options, e.g. Account ID and/or Account Description
  10. Select the Sort/Break option
  11. Select Project ID as the first Sort by row and mark the Break? checkbox
  12. Mark the Page break on each new Project ID checkbox
  13. Select Vendor/Payee as the next Sort by row
  14. Save and preview the report