Note: It is important to confirm that the skill/category, skill/display name, and skill/ratings table associations are correct on course records before adding skill ratings in Grades or Faculty Access for the Web. To reflect a new association in Courses, delete the original skill association from course records and add the new skill association to each course record. To quickly confirm the skill/display name associations on course records are correct before entering skill ratings in Grades, print preview report cards in Report Cards and Transcripts.

Deleting the original skill from the Course record will delete any existing skill ratings in Grades. If you deselect the checkbox for a marking column on the Skills tab of a course record, you delete all ratings entered for that skill for that course in that marking column in the selected academic year in Grades and Faculty Access for the Web. Skill ratings will have to be re-added to Grades.

If adding a new skill to a category that has already been added to the course record, use the Add category button. It is not necessary to delete the existing skills in this case. Skills already listed on the course record will not be added again. Only the new skill will be added. After adding the new skill, uncheck the marking columns this skill should not be available for. To do this:

1. Open the course record in the Courses module
2. Click on the Grading tab
3. Edit appropriate year
4. Click on the Skills tab
5. Click on Add Category button Or Add Skill button