Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

You can lock beginning balances for all or selected funds. When this is done, General Ledger validates each fund and all closing characteristics to confirm that they exist and are in balance. The validation process verifies that a fund's assets equal the sum of the liabilities and net assets. More specifically, the validation process verifies all projects, classes, and transaction codes are balanced as required on each fund. Validation also confirms that regular debits equal regular credits and all encumbrance debits equal encumbrance credits.

The trial balance for each fund must be in balance before you can successfully lock data. General Ledger will not lock balances that create an out-of-balance ledger.

You can enter transactions before you lock the beginning balances for a fund; however, the program does not post the transactions until you lock the beginning balances for at least one fund. Once you lock the balances, the program posts transactions as of the beginning fiscal period for the selected fund. Once you lock beginning balances of a fund, you cannot revise or add a beginning balance to any account in the fund.

You can also lock beginning balances at zero.  Please refer to locking beginning balances at zero for more information.

  1. From the Administration page, click Lock beginning balances.
  2. Select to print or preview the control.
  3. Select the Funds tab.
  4. Select the fund(s) to lock beginning balances for.
  5. Click Lock Now.
    Note: The Lock Beginning Balances option is only available once for each fund.
  6. Go to File, Exit and Sign Out and sign back in.

Things to consider before locking beginning balances:

  • Verify that you set up all funds correctly and designated a fund balance account for each fund.
  • Verify that the beginning balances are entered correctly for each account by printing the information from the Enter Beginning Balances screen:
    1. While in Enter Beginning Balances, select File, Print from the menu bar
    2. Select Add New from the Select a Parameter file screen
    3. Unmark the Exclude accounts with a zero beginning balances and no activity and Exclude accounts with no activity checkboxes
    4. Select the appropriate dates and other parameters and print the report
  • If you use projects on any funds, verify that the correct beginning balances are entered for each project. You can print a trial balance for each project.
  • If you use transaction codes on any funds, verify that the correct beginning balances are entered for each transaction code. You can print a trial balance for each transaction code.