For complete information on configuring General Ledger 7, refer to the Configuration guide:

To successfully implement General Ledger, perform the following steps:

  1. Configure Business Rules
  2. Define Account Structure
  3. Define Account Categories
  4. Create Attributes (optional)
  5. Create Account Codes
  6. Create Transaction Codes*
  7. Create Projects*
  8. Create Funds
  9. Add Table Entries
  10. Define Invalid Segment Combinations (optional)
  11. Modify Default Account Descriptions (optional)
  12. Create Accounts
  13. Create Fiscal Years
  14. Enable Journal Codes in Journal Entry Business Rules
  15. Set up System Security
  16. Enter Beginning Account Balances (optional at this point, however beginning balances must be entered and locked prior to posting debits and credits)
  17. Lock Beginning Balances
  18. Create Links to Other Blackbaud Systems
  19. Update Accounts

*Note: These steps are only required if the optional Projects, Grants & Endowments module is installed