You can use Gift or Contact query filter by Total Gift Amount > 0 (if looking for records with transactions) or you can use Supporter ID Not Empty (if you want every record in the database) .
If you use the Gift Query then use Total Gift Amount > 0. You can use both Total Gift Amount > 0  OR Supporter ID Not Empty if you use the Contact Query.

The result will provide multiple rows for example if Ioane Tongi donated 2 times and had 5 different activity, there will be:
*a row for each donations (2 rows)
*a row for each activities (5 rows
A total of 7 rows. In my example I am using Contact query filter by Total Gift Amount > 0

Gift Notes doesn't have its own row. It will appear on the transaction rows. In this example its right next to Total Gift Amount. Therefore, if there are 20 individual gifts and 50 different activities, there will be multiple rows.