These school names pull directly from Education Edge records.  The criteria for a school showing as an option in the schools drop-down on the Online Admissions (OLA) form is that it is marked as Feeder school on at least one applicant's record in the Education Edge:
  1. Log in to the Education Edge
  2. Click Records > Applicants
  3. Open an applicant record who previously attended the missing school
  4. Click the Education tab
  5. Create/Open the Education entry
  6. The Education type must be listed as Past School and the Feeder School checkbox must be marked
    If a school is marked as a Feeder School on any record it will show in the drop-down list on the form
  7. Click Save and Close
  8. Log in to the NetCommunity site
  9. Click Site Explorer > Forms
  10. Click the pencil icon to edit the OLA form
  11. Click the pencil icon to edit the school field on the form. The item should now be showing the list of schools. If not, please try deleting the field and adding it back and Refreshing Code Tables in NetCommunity. 
Note: On the Online Admissions form having the allow other option selected, applicants can type in their previous school information.  If the Feeder school option is marked on the application, that school information is added to Education Edge as an Organization record when the application is processed.

Note: The Classification for for a Feeder Schools must be set to "School" in order for them to be available for selection in the dropdown of your Online Admissions form.

The Education Edge Records Guide for Registrar's Office states:  
  • Select “School” for feeder schools or other schools that applicants have previously attended.
  • Select “College” for feeder schools or colleges and universities attended by faculty/staff and individuals.
NetCommunity Online Application forms are for Students not Faculty Staff or other Individuals. Selecting "College" or "Other will cause that feeder school to not be included for selection on the form.

If your school is not showing up for selection on your form and the Classification is set to something other than "School" use the following steps update it's Classification in Education Edge: 
  1. Log into Education Edge
  2. Select: Admissions Office
  3. Go to Organizations
  4. Search for the School/University/College and open the record
  5. Change the Classification to "School"
  6. Save.
Then In NetCommunity:
  1. Follow these steps for How to manually reload code tables
  2. Edit your Online Admissions form and the feeder schools should now be available for inclusion on your form.