For all Mac versions, first verify that the machine is running one of Blackbaud's recommended versions of the Citrix Online Plug-in by following the steps noted in What version of Citrix Receiver do I have installed?

For MAC Machines with OS 10.7:

Change the driver for your desired printer to the MAC's Generic PostScript driver.

  1. Open System Preferences from the applications dock or the Apple menu.
  2. Open the Print & Fax or Print & Scanners control panel underneath the "Hardware" heading.
  3. Highlight the printer you want to change the driver for from the list on the left side of the window.
  4. Click on the Options & Supplies button on the right side of the window.
  5. Go to the Driver tab at the top of the window and select the Generic PostScript Driver option from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click OK to save the settings.
  7. Log out of Blackbaud Hosting Services. Log back in and attempt to print again.