Altru does not have a specific invoicing function, but your organization may be able to use one of these solutions to generate group sales invoices: 
  1. Option 1: Use a Group Sales Contract for an Invoice - When reservations are added, a group sales contract may be generated for the group that contains merge fields and specific information about the reservation. These contracts may be uploaded as templates. For example, if you add a reservation under Group Sales, when generating the contract you can have information about the group populate onto the document, such as the order balance, order total, patron contact information, etc. The steps below describe how to upload and generate and invoice for a reservation:
    1. Upload the invoice/contract template to the Letter Template Library:
      1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Letter Template Library
      2. On the left under Configuration, click Generate header file
      3. For the Letter type, select Group sales contract and click OK
      4. Save the header file either locally or to your network
      5. Perform a mail merge with the header file in step 4, and insert any desired fields into the template
      6. Add the letter (ensure the type of letter and output is for a group sales contract)
      7. Click Save
    2. Create a contract for the group sales reservation
    3. If you need to generate multiple contracts (for example an invoice and an agreement), you can use the steps in this solution: Can I add multiple contracts to a group reservation?
  2. Option 2: Run and Print the Order Balance Report  - The Order Balance Report can also be used for a group sales invoice. This report is run for one group reservation and contains the items that the group has purchased, the payments received, discounts, and the balance. To run the Order Balance Report:
    1. Open a group reservation. If the reservation is not complete, you can open it from Sales > Reservation Search
    2. Once the group reservation is open, from the left side, under Reports, click "Order balance"
    3. Choose how you would like to group Resources (by category or by name), then click View Report 
    4. When the report is generated, it will look similar to this one:
       User-added image
    5. You can print this report or export the report to a PDF or Word document to prepare to send this as an invoice. 
  3. Option 3 - Merge Invoices outside of Altru using a Query output or Export  - If you need a group sales invoice that is more customized or you need to generate multiple invoices at once time, you can create a query of groups you need to invoice and export the information you need for an invoice. You can then perform a mail merge in Word to create invoice documents. The exact steps may be customized to your organization, but we have some examples on our Altru Community: How to create a query and merge invoice group sales invoices.