How to install Blackbaud CRM without running database revisions

Beginning in Blackbaud CRM version 2.94, you can install the application without running service revisions against the database. This process will launch the base installer, but when it comes to the section where revisions are run, it will skip the process.  After the base installer completes the installation process, the application will have been upgraded, but the database has not been modified.  The desired patch can then be installed as normal, which will fully upgrade the database with all base and patch changes included.  

This can be useful and/or necessary if there is an upgrade issue that is resolved in a patch after the release of the base installer.  
  1. Download the base 2.94+ installer and place it in a folder on your computer.
  2. Open Windows PowerShell from the Start menu by going to All Programs>Accessories>Windows PowerShell> Windows PowerShell.
  3. In Windows PowerShell, run the following command. Ensure that the path to BlackbaudInstaller.exe is entered as the directory to run the command from. In the example below, the path to BlackbaudInstaller.exe is located at D:\Installs\2.94\:
cd D:\Installs\2.94
.\BlackbaudInstaller.exe /SkipRevisions
  1. Once the installer completes, you could run the patch installer and let the revision run from there. This will run revisions on the database from the patch installer rather than the base installer. 



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