IE 9 is forcing the user into Compatibility Mode

When a user accesses a NetCommunity site using IE 9, they are not able to get out of compatibility mode. The domain is not included in the Intranet Settings, or configured in Compatibility mode settings to be viewed that way.
Internet Explorer operates in “Compatibility Mode” when it does not recognize the latest in browser technology. Instructions to force Internet Explorer out of compatibility mode:
  1. Press F-12.
  2. When the console comes up, click on “Browser Mode: IE x Compatibility View” (should be the second menu item from the right at the top of the screen).
  3. Select a version of IE without compatibility view (probably 7 or 8 will be available on your machine).
  4. Reboot your web servers to make sure the latest version of the NetCommunity code is being published and made available for web browsers.
  5. In Internet Explorer Select Tools - Compatibility Mode Settings - Uncheck Display Intranet sites in Compatibility View.


 6.42.537, patch 1

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