1. Reboot the server.  If this does not resolve the error proceed to step 2.

2. Verify there are no program files in the Data folder and no data files in the Classic\Cobol folder.

     a.  Launch Windows Explorer.
     b.  Browse to FundWare\7.XX\Data. (where XX will be the 7.x version you are on, such as 7.60)
     c.  Right click on the Data folder and select Search.
     d.  At Search for any files or folders named:, type *.gnt.
     e.  Delete any *.gnt files found in FundWare\7.XX\Data.
     f.   In Windows Explorer, browse to FundWare\7.XX\Classic\Cobol.
     g.  Right click on the Cobol folder and select Search.
     h.  At Search for any files or folders named:, type   ##*.* (where ## is your division number).
     i.   For any ## *.* files found in FundWare\7.XX\Classic\Cobol folder, verify that there is a later file with the same name in your FundWare\7.XX\data directory. If there are any questions on the file found, contact Fundware Support.  These files should be deleted after verifying what they are, or moved to another location until their purpose is determined. (A location not within the Fundware folders).
     j.   Verify your Data folder is intact and restore from backup if necessary