Authorization date is a required field when the Permission to Treat field is used on a form. 

If the Authorization Date field is already added on the form: 
If you are experiencing this error message when clicking Process form on a specific form submission, and the 'Authorization date' field is present in the form data grid, you can manually add a date to the form submission and then process it using these steps:
  1. Open the form submission in the NetCommunity plugin in The Education Edge
  2. Click the cell in the Adjusted Value column for the Authorization date row
  3. Enter a valid date in the cell 
  4. Press the TAB key or click on another cell to save the date
  5. Click Process Form
If the Authorization Date field is not already added on the form: 
This field must be added to the form, and made a required field. Adding the field to the form will only fix future submissions. For current submissions in the plugin, forms can be processed by navigating to the record and checking "permission to treat" in the medical record. 
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity site
  2. Click Site Explorer > Forms
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the form that was used 
  4. Find the area of the form where the Permission to Treat field was added. The form fields show to the right in the selected elements 
  5. Expand Student or Applicant from Available Elements to the left 
  6. Expand Medical 
  7. Drag and drop the Authorization Date field to the right side in the area from step 
  8. Click Save and Close 
  9. Parents will need to submit the form again, or the form data will need to be manually entered into The Education Edge.