In Export:

1. In Export>create a new Course export.
2. On the Filters tab, filter on the appropriate courses, or filter using a query.
3. Output tab, expand Restrictions.
4. Select the restrictions you wish to export.

Note: If you are exporting restriction information for a specific academic year, select the first restriction that you want to export. In the next Restrictions screen, indicate "1' for the number of restrictions to export for each course, and on the Filters tab, select the academic year and session.

In Query:

1. In Query>create a new Course query.
2. Criteria tab, choose the course criteria needed.
3. Output tab, expand Restrictions 1 and/or Restrictions 2.
4. Select the fields you wish to view about the course, along with any other fields needed for each course.
5. Sort tab, choose how to sort the courses.
6. Click Run.