Note: This solution references "[SiteID]EEUser1 in the instructions. However, it's possible for The Education Edge user accounts to say "[SiteID]FEUser1" although the product is The Education Edge, not The Financial Edge. If you have the "FE" user name for your The Education Edge product, please continue with these instructions but subsitute the EE username for the FE username as indicated below.

When Blackbaud Hosting Services accounts are initially setup, each organization is provided an admin account for each product that we host. Each product is kept separately to start. The first thing you will want to do is allow the default Raiser's Edge user account, [SiteID]REUser1, access to User Administration for both The Raiser's Edge and The Education Edge.

To do this, follow the steps below, replacing "[SiteID]" with your organization's site ID:
  1. Log in using [SiteID]EEUser1
  2. Launch the EE User Administration Icon
  3. Open the [SiteID]-EEAdmin group
  4. Add a new member to the group - [SiteID]REUser1
  5. Apply changes and logout
  6. Login using the [SiteID]REUser1 account
  7. You should now see RE User Administration and EE User Administration

If you would like The Education Edge admin account to also have access to both, you will need to repeat the steps above, switching usernames as applicable - you would first log into [SiteID]REUser1, launch RE User Administration, open the RE-Admin group, and add the [SiteID]EEUser1 account.

Once this is done, both admin accounts can then be used to add specific users to both user groups by following the steps below:
  1. Login with either [SiteID]EEUser1 or [SiteID]REUser1 
  2. Open RE User Administration 
  3. Open the RE [SiteID]-Users group 
  4. Choose the members tab 
  5. Choose add member 
  6. Enter the user's hosting username and click check names 
  7. Click apply and close out of User Administration 
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 using the EE User Admin and EE [SiteID]-Users group 
  9. Once this is done, the user should be able to login using one set of credentials and see both The Raiser's Edge and The Education Edge icons available.