Program event does not show up in Quick Itinerary drop down list and is not available to be added to itinerary

 When adding a reservation in Group Sales, you can choose a Quick Itinerary. This will show you all the programs scheduled for the arrival date selected. You may find that sometimes events are missing from this list. 
This issue has been resolved in version 4.6. If you experience this and the below steps do not work, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Try the following until the issue is resolved:
  1. On the add a reservation form, remove the arrival time & departure times then select the quick itinerary.
  2. Make sure the program event has a capacity defined
    1. In Tickets, click Program Calendar
    2. Double click the event
    3. Click Edit Event
    4. Enter a capacity, click Save
  3. Ensure that the program event does not require registration.
    1. In Tickets, click Program Calendar
    2. Double click the event
    3. At the top of the event, ensure the words Requires registration are not listed.  This requires a constituent be assigned to each ticket, which group sales does not do.  To sell a group tickets to a preregistered program event, use Advance Sales instead.
  4. Ensure that the program is not a members only event.  Members only events are not available in group sales so they will not show in the quick itinerary menu.To make the program available in the quick itinerary you must remove all membership programs from the program event so that it is no longer considered a members only event.
    1. From Tickets, Click Program Search
    2. Search and Select the program
    3. Navigate to the Event List tab. Click the event you would like to edit that is being used in your group sale.
    4. In the task bar on the left, Click Edit Event
    5. In the Restrict ticket sales to these memberships section, click the grey box to the left of the membership restriction. Press Delete on your keyboard
    6. Click Save.
    7. Repeat this process with each scheduled event you will need to remove the restrictions from
  5. Make sure the arrival date and time are correct. You cannot add a program to a reservation if it's start time is before the arrival time on the reservation.
    1. Verify the date the program is scheduled
    2. In Tickets, click Program Search
    3. On the Calendar, find the event and verify it is scheduled on the correct date and time.  
  6. If you are adding a reservation for the past, check the on-sale information.
    1. In Tickets, click Program Search
    2. Select the program
    3. On the on-sale tab, highlight Group Sales, click Edit
    4. Change the on sale period ends to minutes after start and enter a large number
    5. Click Save


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