Step One: Run the Payment Details Report

  1. Select Control > Reports > Billing> Payment Details
  2. Click Filters at the top left of the screen
  3. Open the appropriate folder by clicking the ‘+’ to the left of it
  4. Select the field Credit Card Mask and click on it so it is highlighted
  5. Click Add and a pop up window will appear
  6. Select the appropriate operator and value
  7. Click OK to save the parameter you specified
  8. Add any other required filters and click OK. Click OK at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Step Two: Select the Date Range for Your Report

  1. Click Date Range at the top of the page.  Then a page with a drop-down will appear
  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the words Filter data by payment date
  3. Choose a date parameter from the two drop down boxes that appear
  4. If you choose the default date parameter Within and Last Billing Cycle, the reported payment amount should match the summary you received along with your disbursement from us
  5. To manually enter dates, choose Between from the drop down on the left and type the dates in the date fields, or use the Calendar icons to select the dates.  For example, enter Between 1/1/05 and 1/15/05
  6. Click OK to save changes
  7. If a message appears that says One of the values is invalid, retype the date in the format MM/DD/YYYY, then click OK to save changes

Step Three: Select the Events and Initiatives to Be Included in Your Report

  1. On the Payment Detail Report, click Select Events at the top of the page
  2. Make sure that the Include All Events check box at the top right of the screen is selected
  3. Click OK at the bottom of the page

Step Four: Run Your Report

  1. Click Run Report.