In your CMS website:
  1. Click on the Content Management > Site Structure tabs
  2. Click New > Tools
  3. Choose the Calendar tool (a new window will load)
  4. Configure the Properties tab and complete the required fields: Title and Link Location
  5. Click Create (note: this must be done before you can configure the rest of the Calendar)
  6. Re-open the Calendar tool and click on the Calendar tab
  7. Add Events as desired
  8. Click on the Display tab to select or edit which data appears
  9. Configure display settings such as Time Zone, Default View, Other Views, Mini-calendar, Content Display, and Master Calendar
    • Note: making this Calendar available for a Master Calendar will allow this to be pulled into a Master Calendar tool in your CMS
  10. Click on the Event Types tab
  11. To select or edit which data that appears for event types displayed:
  12. Click Add.
    • Another window will open where you can select a file from your computer to upload.
      1. Click Browse and choose an image from your pictures
      2. Fill in the Title field (required) and any other fields as needed
      3. Click Upload
      4. Note:   This will then take you back to the previous page
      5. Add more image files as needed
  13. Click on the Advanced tab
  14. Configure advanced settings as needed (Display Options, Security Options, Design Options, Link Options, Localization Options, Relationships, Properties)
  15. Click Apply to save your changes
  16. Mark the box next to Publish Immediately and click Apply to publish the Calendar