Error: Server Error in '/FAWeb7' Application. Input string was not in a correct format.

Users receive a stack trace error after clicking Define marking column weights when logged in as a Supervisor in FAWeb.
If an organization has multiple schools, each school will need a session defined and define a marking column set for FaWeb to recognize. For example, if they have a lower, middle, and upper school each school's academic year will need a session and marking column set defined. If future academic years are set up, these will also need to have sessions defined.

To resolve this error:
1. Go to Configuration, Academic years
2. Open the Academic year that does not have a session
3. Select "New Session" to add a session
4. You will have to define the Session, Marking Columns, Timetable, and terms to save the session
5. Click Ok, and Save and Close the Academic year

Repeat steps for each Academic year that does not have a session. Once all Academic years have a session defined, clear the server cache in FA Web as a supervisor.

1. Log into FA Web as a supervisor
2. Select Setup, Server configuration
3. Select Clear server cache

Alternative Solution:
1. If the school will no longer be used, mark the school as inactive in Configuration, General.



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