In March 2019 Blackbaud announced the retirement of this tool. After March 2019 customers are advised not to submit or retrieve new data from this tool. For more information on this tool and the retirement check out this Knowledgebase.

In order to prepare your data for the Giving Score, please review the follow information:
  1. The Raiser's Edge must be updated to version 7.95 Patch 2 or higher.
  2. Verify your Data Health Center connectivity
  3. Make sure your individual constituent records have a complete US address. To find those records who do not have a complete address: 
    1. Create a Constituent query
    2. On the Criteria tab, select:
      Constituent Information, Key Indicator equals [Individual]
      AND (Address, Preferred Address, Address Line 1 [blank]
      OR Address, Preferred Address, State [blank])
  4. Run AddressFinder* to make sure the addresses in your database are correct (optional)
  5. Run DeceasedRecordFinder* to make sure deceased constituents are correctly marked (optional)
Please keep in mind that if you have manually assigned a Giving Score to some of your constituent records, those records with manually assigned scores will not have their scores overwritten by the automated Giving Score process. The scores that have been manually assigned to those records will be respected.

*For more information on purchasing AddressFinder and DeceasedRecordFinder, contact your Account Manager directly or email