In March 2019 Blackbaud announced the retirement of this tool. For more information on this tool and the retirement check out this Knowledgebase.
  1. From the Dashboard page, click Customize
  2. In the left frame, select Giving Score by Constituency from the Giving Score category
  3. Click Add
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Panel Options > Properties, in the top-right corner of the panel
  6. In the Description field, edit the title of the dashboard, as needed
  7. In the Constituency field, select the constituency code you want to see in the dashboard.
    NOTE: Only one constituency code can be selected at a time.
  8. In the Output field, select either Graph, Table, or Table and Graph.
  9. Click Select beside the Columns to Show field to edit the columns that appear in the dashboard.
    NOTE: These available columns are hard coded, and this field is only available when outputting Table (or Table and Graph) in step #8 .
  10. Click OK
Giving Score by Constituency dashboard screen shot