Possible causes include but are not limited to:    
  • Database is offline    
  • Renamed database files    
  • Moved the database to a new server    
  • Migrated from ASA to SQL Server 

Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue, which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support. This issue is most likely related to SQL Server being in Windows only authentication mode and the user's Windows account not having the necessary rights in SQL Server. To check your authentication mode in SQL Server, review How to determine the authentication mode for a SQL Server instance.

To resolve this issue, either grant the user's Windows account public role access to the Blackbaud database, grant view server state permission and map them to the database OR switch the authentication mode from Windows only to Mixed Mode (Windows and SQL Server authentication).

If Blackbaud hosts your database, complete the following steps:
  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge as a Supervisor user
  2. Select Admin, then Security
  3. Double-click The Raiser's Edge username that is receiving the error
  4. If the Windows Authentication checkbox is marked, verify it is using the correct format, which is BLACKBAUDHOST\username
  5. Save and close the user
  6. If you are still receiving the error, Click Chat with Support and reference this article.