Check that PDF Receipts are enabled in Sphere and that receipts were generated for the gifts in question.

To check that PDF receipts are enabled:
  1. Go to Control > Administration > Organization Setup > View/Edit Org Info
  2. Scroll down to PDF Receipts
  3. Check that Enable PDF Receipts for Account? is set to "Yes"

Now to check that the payments have PDF Receipts assigned to them.
  1. Go in Sphere to the event in which the payment was made
  2. Click on the Event Name
  3. Click on View Reports
  4. Select PDF Receipts from the bottom of the Run Quick Reports drop-down
  5. Click Run Report
  6. Set the date range and filters as needed to identify the payments which should have receipts
  7. Click Finish
  8. Select No - Run report immediately
  9. Verify that the payments in question have PDF receipt numbers assigned to them

If you have verified both of these and find that the matching gift record in the Raiser's Edge does not have a value for SphereReceipt Number then Contact Support and reference this article. .