This option must be set separately for Batch and Records. It applies to gifts added after the business rule was set. To enter gifts before setting this business rule, from the gift record, select Gift, Apply to, Recurring Gift from the menu bar.


    1. In Configuration, Business Rules, highlight Batch options.

    2. Mark the Outstanding recurring gifts checkbox under "When adding a gift to a batch, warn if constituent has..."


    1. In Config, Business Rules, highlight Gift options, Activity options.

    2. Mark the Outstanding recurring gifts checkbox under "When adding a gift warn if constituent has..."

    Note: You are only prompted to apply a payment to a recurring gift when it belongs to that constituent. For example, if the recurring gift is a soft credit on Joe's record, when you enter a gift for Joe, you will not receive the prompt that an outstanding recurring gift exists. This is because it is not Joe's recurring gift.


    Note: This prompt does not appear when adding the gift to a registrant's record from an event.