1. Click the 'Print Screen' button your Windows keyboard.
  2. Open Microsoft Paint.
  3. Create a new paint image.
  4. Right click anywhere in the white.
  5. Left Click 'paste'; alternatively hold 'ctrl' then press "V' to paste.
  6. At the top left hand corner of paint, click 'File'.
  7. Select 'Save as' and select a name and destination.
  1. Hold down Command, Shift, and 4 keys on your keyboard
  2. Move the cross hairs icon to the corner of the image you want to create, click your mouse, and drag it to the other corner and release
  3. Open your files folder to get the image, which automatically saves  
**Note: if you have multiple monitors, the screenshot will copy the contents of your primary monitor. Additionally, you can paste the contents of a clipboard into a Microsoft Word document or Outlook email.