To create a new Role:
  1. Log into Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal
  2. Go to the top navigation bar and select the Account Management tab > Roles
  3. Select Add at the top left
  4. Create a name for the Role
    • Features that are available to assign are located just below the Search for columns bar and All Categories dropdown. Features can be filtered by key words in the search bar, or by category from the dropdown.
    • Mark the boxes to grant desired features.
    • To remove a granted feature, mark the Only show selected items box below the dropdown and unmark any unwanted features
  5. Once finished assigning features, click Save. 

To add a new User:
  1. Log into the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal
  2. Go to the top navigation bar and select Account Management > Users
  3. Click Add at the top left
  4. Create a display name for the single user or user group (Ex. JohnDoe or Finance)
  5. Create a User Name and Password
    • NOTE: User names must be 8 characters long and must begin with a letter. The username may also contain numbers and - or _ symbols. Do not include spaces in your username. Passwords must contain at least 12 characters and include at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character. Do not include spaces in the password. 
  6. Select a Role (if applicable)
  7. If "Grant administrative rights" is marked then no Role will be available for selection. 
  8. To provide the user with the ability to change their password upon their next login, enter a temporary password then mark the box “User must change password on next login”
  9. Once completed, click Save.
  10. Contact the new BBMS user and provide: BBMS Web Portal URL:, BBMS Web Portal Username and BBMS Web Portal password

NOTE: Full Administrative Rights or a Role MUST be assigned to allow users access the Web Portal.

To create an account for Blackbaud MobilePay review: How to set up a user in MobilePay app for guidelines.