When linking an application user to a constituent there is no option for an advanced search

The Application User Edit Form uses a simple constituent search that does not allow a user to search for a constituent by lookup ID

You can use the search list replacement to replace the constituent application search with the constituent search or another constituent search that contains the lookup ID.

1.  From Administration, click Search list configuration. The Search list configuration page appears.
 2.  Click Manage search list replacements. The Search List Replacements page appears.
 3.  Under Search list replacements, click Add on the action bar. The Add a search list replacement screen appears.
 4.  In the Search list field, search for and select the search list to replace with a new search list.
 5.  In the Replace with field, search for and select the search list to use instead of the selected search list.
 6.  Click Save. You return to the Search List Replacements page.


 2.9.1001, patch 78
 2.91.1535, patch 0

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