Error: transactions not assigned to a deposit template (includes video demo)

When running the sales deposit process, the process does not complete and a window appears with the following error message:  Transactions not assigned to a deposit template  You must add the following payment methods or revenue sources to an existing or new deposit template before you can run the process and a list of payment methods and their revenue sources shows below.  
For the Sales deposit process to run, deposit templates must be created to include all types of payments that exist in the system.  If a payment type and source is not already included in a template, a new template can be added or an existing template can be edited to include the payment method and source.  

If you are not familar with the process of adding or editing deposit templates, follow along with the first video. For specific instructions for adding a template for just back office transactions, please review the second video below.

Quick Steps:
  1. From Sales, under Data and tasks, click Review deposits. 
  2. Select the Deposit Templates tab and click Add on the action bar. The Add deposit template screen appears.
  3. Enter a name for the deposit template.
  4. Choose the bank account to use for this deposit
  5. In the Revenue sources field, select all or specific revenue sources to include in the deposit template.  To select specific revenue sources, click the magnifying glass.
  6. In the Payment methods field, select all or specific payment methods to include in the deposit template.  To select specific payment methods, click the magnifying glass.  Note: You can select "Credit card – card type not specified" to include credit card transactions that are not associated with specific credit card types.
  7. Click Save.

Video overview for adding and editing deposit templates:

Video overview for creating a deposit template for just back office revenue:


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