Error: RE7_SC72 Run-time error '0' when saving a new constituent

When saving a new constituent, users receive a sequence of errors:
  • Error: RE7_SC72 Run-time error '0'; ConstitUI7
  • Error: Run-time error '-2147219870 (80040662)': You do not have security access rights to load this constituent 
  • Error: The Raiser's Edge Can not call friend function on object which is not an instance of defining class.
Users will receive this error when user access is set with Security by Constituency and the new constituent would potentially be a duplicate within the database (the new constituent and the existing constituent matched sufficient criteria to trigger the duplicate criteria window within 7.92).  The user has the rights to view the new record, but does not have the rights to view the other record that already exists within the database.  The window that would normally appear to prevent the entry of a duplicate constituent is unable to load due to the security setting.

The security setting can be adjusted by removing Security by Constituency or a user with Supervisor rights can enter the new Constituent to determine if the record is a duplicate or not.

The duplicate constituent alert is a feature within 7.92 and cannot be turned off.  



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