1. Go to Communities> Forms> Single Step Donation
  2. Hover over your Form and click Website Info
  3. Click Form Layout
  4. Click the Import a logo link.
  5. To upload a logo click Browse
  6. Select the image on your computer you want to use
  7. Give the image a name and Select an image folder using the dropdown box
  8. Click Upload to upload the image to to the image library in the selected folder
  9. Select the Images Folder at the top of the box where you uploaded the image
  10. Find the image in the Account Images dropdown box (If you had previously uploaded a logo you can find it here)
  11. Once the image is selected, click Submit
  12. Click Save
  13. Go back to the Web Info Checklist and click Update Your Event Now
NOTE: Import a logo is only an option when using the Single Web Page Layout.