Most often, this occurs due to an error in the URL that was entered into the Hyperlink module within the email content. Go back to your email content and double check the URL making sure there are no leading or following spaces in the text box, no misspellings, or extra text.

If copying and pasting content from Microsoft Word or other programs:
We also do not recommend copying content directly from Microsoft Word or other programs or websites as it can contain extra background coding that may affect the look of the page or the success of the links. The best option is to build the Content in the Content Editor. If bringing in text from another program paste it in Notepad first to remove the formatting and then copy and paste it into the Content Editor. Any hyperlinks should be created through the Content Editor Hyperlink tool directly.

If copying and pasting prebuilt custom HTML directly into the HTML tab of the Content Editor:
The Content Editor will allow you to copy and paste prebuilt HTML into the HTML view of the Content Editor from Dream Weaver or other programs. Troubleshooting of this custom coding is not normally in the Scope of Sphere Support. When using this option we recommend adding any hyperlinks directly in the Content Editor Hyperlink tool instead of preadding them directly in the HTML code. If they have already been added we recommend highlighting the link and clicking Remove Hyperlink and then using the Hyperlink tool to readd the links.  

If this does not resolve your issue, chat with Support and reference this article. . Include the following information: 

  • The email campaign name
  • The Mailing name
  • The name of the affected link, and its location in the content of the email