Correct the form submission to process the form: 
  1. Login to The Education Edge
  2. Choose the Admissions Office module
  3. Click Configuration General. This will show you the correct listing for the school name
  4. Click the NetCommunity plugin in The Education Edge
  5. Click to Process submitted admissions forms
  6. Locate the School Year Apply field on the form that receives the error. The school name should read exactly as in step 3.
    • Note: the School Year Apply field can be renamed and customized, therefore it may not read exactly "School Year Apply". Find the field that correlates to School Year Apply. 
  7. Click the drop-down option in the Adjusted Value box
  8. Select the option that has the correct school name and year
  9. Click out of the row to save the changes
  10. The form should now process

Note: If the value was blank: the field is on the form but it does not have a value entered.  Most schools put this field on the form and hide it so that it does not require input from the applicant.  If the field is hidden it must have a default value selected to avoid this error. Edit the form to make this change by following the steps below. 
If the value was a random number: the values in The Education Edge have changed but have not been changed on the form in NetCommunity. Edit the form to make this change by following the steps below. 
If the school selected by the end user is not what is listed in General: the school made a change to the school name without updating the form.  It is also possible that the form is updated but the user got this form submitted in the small window before the change was made. Edit the form to make this change by following the steps below.

Edit the form in NetCommunity to correct the School Year Apply field: 
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity website 
  2. Click Site Explorer > Forms
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the form that is being used 
  4. Click the pencil icon for the School Year Apply field under the Selected Elements for the form. Please note, that the label for the field may read differently if this was changed on  your form. 
  5. Mark the checkboxes for the School Year Apply options that should show on the form
  6. Select a List Default Value from the drop down menu
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Save and Close