Community Member and Email activity do not immediately appear on CRM constituent record

This information is controlled by the Blackbaud Enterprise Integration service, and is not updated in real time. 
This value is populated by Blackbaud Enterprise Integration, running on the schedule defined in Administration > Sites > Settings > Service Schedules.

It also relies on the REIntegration setting in the NetCommunityService.exe.config file (C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\BBNCService\).*
The default value for this key is 500. To update this and ensure more are sent over when we run this:
<add key="REIntegration_MaxRecords" value="10000">

Note: this approach is 2-pronged:
  • You can increase the frequency of this schedule
  • AND/OR you can increase the maxrecords values (10,000 suggested max)
After any changes or updates are made to the exe.config file, you will need to restart the Blackbaud NetCommunity windows service.

*In version 2.91 and up, you can add tthe MaxRecords key to the BBAppFx config file (C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\BBAppFx).  The windows service was removed in this version


 6.35.1001, patch 52

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