The Inline Action Item Index tool enables you to configure a list that shows details regarding Action Items in one or more of your organization's Action Centers. The tool can be configured to display the following information for each item:
  • Action ID
  • Action Headline
  • Action Synopsis
  • Action Image
  • Action URL
  • Action Description
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Urgent Flag

Starting point: Your Action Center and Action Items have been created.
  1. Navigate to Content > Content Management System
  2. Hover over the CMS Website associated with your Advocacy Center and click Manage Website
  3. Click on the Content Management > Site Structure tabs
  4. Switch to Folder view
  5. Click New > Tools
  6. Select the Inline Action Item Index
  7. Configure the Properties tab
    • Designate a Title, Link Location, and other optional settings
  8. Configure the Action Index tab
    • Select the Action Centers to display, choose a Sort Order, and other optional settings
  9. Configure the Display tab
    • Choose how many entries to display, what information to display for each action item, and how to display items if a user is logged in
  10. Configure the Advanced tab
  11. Publish your tool
Note: Once the Action Item Index has been created, the RSS URL and XML URL will populate on the Display tab.