1. Note the Match Codes that correspond with your desired Confidence Level(s)
    • Open any category under Wealth Summary on a Prospect's Wealth and Ratings page, such as Real Estate, then click on Edit Confidence Settings (in the left navigation pane) to view Confidence Levels and corresponding Match Codes
  2. Create or edit a constituent query (BB484052)
  3. Expand Wealth Information in the Field Explorer (left pane)
  4. Highlight the desired wealth category
  5. Select Match Code (from the middle pane) and move it to Filters (top right pane)
  6. Apply Criteria to Match Code window appears
  7. Choose One Of from the drop-down list
  8. Enter each desired Match Code on a new line
  9. Do not mark the checkbox 'Only return records that match all selected values'
  10. Click OK when all desired Match Codes are entered
  11. Select your desired output
  12. You may preview results by clicking on the Results tab
  13. Select File > Save to save the query