1. Install the Workstation Interface
  2. Enable ActiveX Controls
    1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options (Note: Tools might look like a gear in Internet Explorer 9 or above)
    2. On the Security Tab, click Custom Level
    3. In the ActiveX controls and plug-ins section, click Enable for Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls
  3. Check your Internet Explorer security settings:
    1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options.
    2. On the Security Tab, move the security bar to Medium or lower.
    3. Click Ok.
  4. Check to see if the add-on is enabled:
    1. In Internet Explorer click Tools, Manage add-ons.
    2. Make sure Blackbaud.AppFx.Programming.WebShellWorkstation.SalesDocumentPrinter is enabled.
  5. Upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 10.
  6. Make sure that your .NET Framework is up to date.

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