If you are creating a group sales reservation for a scheduled program event, Blackbaud recommends that you set up the scheduled program event first before creating the reservation, as you can then connect the program event through the Quick Itinerary option as you set up the reservation.

There are two paths to set up a group sales reservation. One option is through the Group Sales area and the other is through the Organization Calendar.
  1. Starting the Reservation from Sales
    1. Go to the Sales tab and click Group Sales
    2. Click Add towards the top right of the calendar                                      User-added image
    3.  Alternatively, you can click on the date on the calendar prior to clicking Add for it to auto-populate that specific date in the next window. If you have a busy reservation calendar, seeing the day in detail may help confirm if you can accommodate the reservation
  2. Starting the Reservation from the Organization Calendar
    1. Click Organization Calendar on the left side of the screen                        User-added image
    2. Click Add towards the top right of the calendar and select Reservation               User-added image
    3. Similar to selecting a date in Group Sales, you can click a specific date on the calendar prior to clicking Add and selecting Reservation to have the next window pre-populate that specific date
Completing the Reservation
  1. In the Patron field, search for and select the constituent to use for this reservation. If you select an organization as the patron, the Contact field is automatically displayed and you can then select a contact from the organization as a contact for this reservation
  2. Edit the Reservation Name field if you need to change what was already populated
  3. Select a Group Type and enter any Comments if needed. Note: Neither of these fields are required to complete
  4. Enter the Date of Visit, Arrival Time, and Departure Time
  5. If you are using a daily admission program or a scheduled program for which you have already selected an event occurrence for this reservation, you can quickly add it to the reservation by selecting it in the drop-down for Quick Itinerary
    1. ​If you selected a scheduled program in the Quick Itinerary, the Arrival Time and Departure Time are automatically entered. Edit the times as needed
  6. Enter the relevant Price Types and associated visitor Count for the group                       User-added image
  7. Select the Due Dates tab to change any settings as needed for the dates and requirements of the contract, reservation deposit, security deposit, final count, and order balance           User-added image
  8. Select the Pricing Structure tab
  9. In the Pricing Structure field, choose either Per Ticket or Flat Rate
    1. ​If you select Flat Rate, click in the Flat Rate Scale drop-down and select the needed rate scale
  10. Click Save to add the reservation

Please see the below videos for more information regarding the workflow on how to add and manage group sales reservations:

1) Create a group sales reservation

2) Customize the itinerary of the group

3) Managing Reservations – Using Contract, Deposits, and Making Payments

4) Group Check in and Check out Procedures

5) Managing the Reservation Calendar and Reports