Unfortunately it is not currently possible to configure a custom eCommerce confirmation email in Sphere, as this specific email is system-generated.

Instead you would be able to customize the eCommerce confirmation used by all eCommerce stores within your Sphere account through the Confirmations Library.

  • NOTE: If you decide to use this method, please keep in mind that this is account-wide. As a result, it is recommended not enter event specific information as part of the text due to the confirmation being used as the default.

1.   Navigate to: Control > Administration > Tools  > Confirmations Library
2.   Choose "Ecommerce" from the dropdown
3.   Click "Edit" by Ecommerce Purchase
4.   In the window that opens, mark the button labeled "Use Account Customized Text"
5.   Click "Edit Email"
6.   Update the Subject line (do not make it specific to the event), Reply To, From Email and Send Copy of Email to fields
7. Make any changes necessary (like creating a sentence, adding images or the organizations logo for example)
8. Close the window