Student Biographical Information window flashes then opens behind the browser window in Firefox 7.0

When users click on a student to access their biographical information in Enter graded by class or Enter attendance using grid, the window flashes, then disappears in Firefox 7.0. This window opens up behind the browser. This does not occur when clicking on students in Enter attendance using seating chart, or when using Internet Explorer 9 or Safari.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

In Firefox versions 23 and higher:

1. Type "about:config" (without quotations) in the Firefox address bar
2. In the search bar below type in "dom.disable_window_flip" (without quotations)
3. Right-click dom.disable_window_flip In the Preference Name column and choose Toggle, so that the value is False in the Value column (the default=true, so set to false to allow sites)

In Firefox versions 22 and lower:

1. In Firefox, go to Tools, Options and click Content
2. Verify Enable JavaScript is checked
3. Click Advanced and mark the checkbox to allow script to Raise or lower windows



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