Note: the steps below may need to be run by another administrative user who does have access to the content.
  1. Verify that the affected user has been granted access to the Content Library folder where this piece of content lives.
    1. In the CMS website click on the Administer tab
    2. Click on Privileges
    3. Expand the Content (Default) folder
    4. Hover over the appropriate folder name and click Privileges
    5. Add the user to allow create/edit/publish/delete as needed
  2. Verify that the piece of content is actually stored in the Content Library folder as noted in the drop-down.
    1. When editing a webpage under the Content Management > Site Structure tab, note the Title and Folder of the content via the Content tab
    2. Click on the Content Library tab
    3. Search for the title of the content and open it
    4. Click on the Properties tab
    5. Note the folder selected in the drop-down
    6. Follow the instructions in step 1 to grant the user access to this Content Library folder
If the issue is still not resolved: Contact Support and reference this article.  Please include the following in your case: 
  • The login name(s) that are affected.
  • The name of the CMS website(s) that this occurs in. 
  • If this only occurs in a specific web feature, provide the steps to locate that web feature in your site navigation.